The world has changed in so many ways. For men, their roles and expectations have gotten more complex and more demanding.

Men have so few role models for how to be a strong and yet emotionally available partner, parent, leader or just a trusted friend.

I work with men daily who just want a road map - a set of guidelines for...

  • how to connect
  • how to show up authentically
  • how to communicate better what they feel or want

They just haven’t been given the tools or language to get what they so desperately need, which is respect and trust and honest connection. 

And that’s why I’ve developed a set of programs- just for men- who want to find a new way forward in relationships.

I've seen the impact my Living Brave and Rising Strong programs have had again and again over the last few years.


I'm starting a new Living Brave Men's Support Group
starting Feb 3rd, 2023.

And it's the best way to get both my self guided course "LIVING BRAVE & RISING STRONG For Men" and 9 weeks of live, guided support with me and a close-knit group of men supporting each other.

And for the men who've been through this program before, I have something special just for you to dig into!

I find this combination of perspectives to be the best for everyone in the group, from new members to the seasoned veterans.


My RISING STRONG MEN’S SUPPORT GROUP is the most powerful part of the work I do.

I have seen the transformation that happens when a group of men come together to support one another in their struggles.

They begin to see that they are not alone, that others feel the same way, they gain confidence and a sense of belonging which is a healing balm.

Based on the work of Dr. Brene Brown- this group will support one another in practicing the skills for healthy relationships:

  • How to set boundaries
  • How to manage triggered emotions
  • How to ask for needs and wants
  • How to make a successful repair or apology
  • How to let go of defensiveness and blame and shame

Give the gift of transformation- to yourself or someone you love and care for

What You'll Get in this Program

Program Logistics:

We'll then meet every Friday at noon PST via Zoom until 1:30pm. Starts Feb 3rd for our first live Zoom session, and goes for 9 weeks.

You'll also get access to weekly content in the course portal to review and apply during the week. And we'll address each week's topics on our Friday sessions.

For those new to the group:

You'll also be getting free access to my self-guided program "LIVING BRAVE & RISING STRONG For Men" - based on the work of Dr. Brené Brown and her research into how to step into loss, disappointment, failure and learn to rise strong and use those experiences for growth and healing.

It includes videos Dr. Brown, sharing her work on resilience, getting up after failure or loss, how to cope with anxiety or depression and most importantly how to connect authentically with those you love.

And Men's Group members also get weekly videos from me and our weekly live sessions to go deeper into the material, share stories, and put these principles into practice.

For returning members:

In addition to the work of Brené Brown we will be reading some new material in this session and focusing on the topics of how to create more healthy relationships.

Here’s just a few of the books we will be discovering together:

The Six Pillars of Self Esteem by Nathaniel Brandon

The book demonstrates compellingly why self-esteem is basic to psychological health, achievement, personal happiness, and positive relationships.  Branden introduces the six pillars-six action-based practices for daily living that provide the foundation for self-esteem. The work provides concrete guidelines and it shows why-in today's chaotic and competitive world-self-esteem is fundamental to our personal and professional power.

Man Uncivilized by Trevor Boehm

Exploring the place inbetween the “myth of the marlboro man and the sensitive man”. Here’s what he explains is his mission “to transform how men view and express their masculinity by reconnecting them to their inner strength, leadership, and emotional intelligence- by honoring the primal and ushering in the divine”. It’s Brené Brown’s work written from a male viewpoint.

Man Enough by Justin Baldoni

Writing from experience, Justin invites us to move beyond the scripts we’ve learned since childhood and the roles we are expected to play. He challenges men to be brave enough to be vulnerable, to be strong enough to be sensitive, to be confident enough to listen. Encouraging men to dig deep within themselves, Justin helps us reimagine what it means to be man enough and in the process what it means to be human.

Join today for just $475 until Jan 20th!

Then the price goes up to $495